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Front Bumper



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SKU: VB1171

Enhance your Early Ford Bronco’s style with a Velocity Exclusive front bumper. It’s been custom designed by our team and fabricated from 3/16” carbon steel with seams carefully MIG welded for a flawless finish. Fitment is ensured, no matter your body lift, with ready-to-weld frame brackets included in the kit. For a personalized finish, our Velocity Exclusive front bumper is also available with precision cutouts for cube lights or a center light bar.

Only offered in bare metal. Lights are sold separately.

  • 3/16” MIG welded steel construction
  • Frame brackets come not welded to the bumpers so you can make them fit your application (body lift).
  • Front bumper only: options for cube lights, center light bar
  • Lights(2x cubes and 1 center bar) with connectors and switches $475

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For more information about this product please email us at info@velocityrestorations.com

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